Fishing Lures

A fishing lure is the term used for almost anything that is artificial and used as bait to catch a fish and so they can come in many different types, shapes and sizes. Often saltwater lures will be different from fresh water lures but not necessarily and an experienced fisherman will know what type of lure seems to work best for catching certain types of fish, fresh water or salt. Lures are therefore always included in a fisherman’s tackle box which is the box that contains all a fisherman’s equipment, except of course the rod which is carried separately.

Keeping a tackle box well stocked if a fisherman wants to be successful but fortunately for them, most of their fishing supplies can usually be found all in one place, a store or website which specializes in fishing equipment. Most fishermen will have their favourite types of lure, depending on what they are fishing for but some insist on only using live bait or cut up meat as bait. Whether a lure or live bait is used a fisherman can still be successful depending often on exactly where they fish, what they fish for and how they apply their skills.

Obviously though, the larger more heavier fish you try and catch, the stronger the rod must be and also the line which is used and so always ensure that your rod and line are sufficiently strong to deal with the particular type of fish you are hoping to catch. If you do accidentally hook a larger fish than you had planned, it may be necessary to cut the line and let it lose rather than have it break the rod if the rod is not sufficiently strong enough for that size fish. This means that all tackle boxes must include a sharp knife which can quickly and easily cut a fishing line if necessary.

A tackle box will usually also contain bobbers or floats as these are placed on the lines to show the fisherman where the line enters the water. Depending on what the fisherman is trying to catch, where the line enters the water can be crucial for a successful day’s fishing and so the floats are an essential piece of equipment.

Sea fishing techniques often differ from river fishing techniques and most fishermen specialize in either one or the other and the equipment in their tackle boxes often reflects their preferred type of fishing but all tackle boxes will contain spare lines, hooks and hopefully at least a small first aid kit in case of any accidents with hooks, knives or even fish. A good tackle supplier will cater to the both types of fishermen but obviously the nearer the store is to the sea, the more preference they will place on sea water fishing whilst a store located inland will have a better variety of tackle for fresh water fishermen. On line stores should though cater for both if they hope to be as successful as possible.