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Kick Butt By Learning Krav Maga In New York City

Have you decided that you want to learn a certain form of martial art? That’s a great decision. Not only can learning a martial art allow you to learn discipline as well as value training, you will also be getting a great exercise that will keep you fit and healthy. But best of all, you will learn a skill set that will allow you to defend yourself and get out of a life threatening situation if you need to.

If you currently live in New York City, then knowing a certain form of martial arts is certainly useful. This is not because the city is unsafe in anyway, but it’s just reality that there are just some people who have ill intentions to others, and this is especially true when you are in a city where there are a lot of people compressed into a small area.

Deciding to learn martial arts is one thing.  Deciding which one to choose is an entirely different matter. To date, there are so many different forms of martial arts that you can learn. Probably the first few martial arts that come into your mind are traditional boxing, kick boxing, karate, judo and many more. Before you decide on any one of those, why not try a martial art that, while it may not be as popular as those mentioned above, is probably one of the best martial  arts that you can learn if self-defense is your primary purpose for learning martial arts.

It is most likely that you have just heard about Krav Maga NYC: learn to kick butt. That is understandable, as this form of martial art does not get as much press and attention as the other more popular ones do. However, when it comes to self-defense, Krav Maga can be just as effective, if not more so, than the other popular forms of martial arts.

Krav Maga was developed by those in the Israeli Special Defense Force, and is a martial art that puts more focus on defense and counterattacking overall out offense. Time and again, the martial art has been proven to be very effective at subduing attackers that it has been adopted by a lot of militaries and law enforcement agencies all over the world.

The good news is that the knowledge of Krav Maga is not limited only to them, and there are currently a lot of gyms and martial art schools that teach Krav Maga in New York City.

One great place to try out Krav Maga is at the Dynamic Martial Arts Academy. The martial arts school offers a basic Krav Maga class that is perfect for beginners. In fact, there is a free trial class for first time students of Krav Maga, and you should be able to decide if this form of martial art is what you are looking for.

There are many other schools in New York that teach this defensive focused martial art. If you are looking for a school nearest you, going online would be a great way to see which are the nearest ones that offer this very useful form of martial art.

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