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Making The Most Out Of Live Music In New York

Music is a huge part of a lot of people’s lives. This form of art invokes a great feeling of happiness and emotion to many, especially if they get to hear music live or get to play it NYC. As a result, live music is extremely popular everywhere and that fact cannot be any more evident than in the city of New York.

Staying in the city, you will notice that every day, there are numerous live music acts playing at the same time. You might even get luck and catch a world renowned music act playing on some of the biggest venues that New York has to offer. If you have come to New York in order to experience that it has to offer, then you will surely not be disappointed.

If a live band is what rouses your musical interests then Café Wha? is one place that you should never miss to visit in New York. The Café has been around for decades making it one of the most iconic bars in the city. It is also the bar that witnessed the start of a lot of now legendary musicians including Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and many more. Today, the place still offers a lot of great music that you will surely love to hear.

Hip hop is another genre of music that  gets a lot of attention today. If you want to experience some classic hip hop beats and tunes, combined with the creativity and flow of improv,then the Hip Hop Improve Show at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre is one show that you definitely need to go to.

You may have  heard of the Harlem District from a  team of basketball players with insane moves, but the district is also widely popular for it being the jazz hub of New York City.  There are a lot of jazz bars that populate this area with a lot of them offering great music as well as a lot of history. With the Big Apple Jazz Tours, you should be able to get an extensive tour of the city’s jazz capital, as well as learn about the many popular artists who started out in this smooth and groovy part of the city.

The city is not just an awesome place to listen to music however, it is also a great city where you can learn awesome music. Thanks of the high concentration of musicians in the city, there are also a lot of music schools present, and these schools teach you how to play a wide variety of music across different genres. This also means that a lot of bands and musical acts are always on the lookout for a skilled and passionate musician so who knows, the city might be the place where you can find the big musical break that you need?

Music is definitely a huge part of a New Yorker’s life, so if music is really your thing, then you will surely love New York.

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